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Setting up my account, the key step to start !
Setting up my account, the key step to start !

If you want Combo to adapt perfectly to your activity, it is necessary to fill in some information. Let us guide you !

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Setting up your account is very easy and can be done in a couple of minutes !

Filling in your locations' collective agreement

To indicate your locations collective agreement, and it's main activity code (APE), you have two options :

Good to know :

  • This feature enables your payroll reports to align with your collective agreement (overtime rate, public holidays, night hours etc.)but also will notify you if any non-compliance arises.

  • If you need more information on this part, head here ! 👈

Choosing the paid leave calculations for your location

Head to Settings > Locations & Schedules :

Choose here if you operate on business days (5 days) or working days (6 days) for paid leave and choose your reference period. Don't forget to save! You won't be able to save this part if the reference period isn't selected.

  • Choose here whether your paid leave calculations are based on a 5-day business week, a 6-day work week, or a 7-day week.

  • The monthly acquisition is automatically updated, though it is customizable if necessary.

  • Add the start or acquisition period. The end date will be calculated automatically.

If you are uncertain about your employees' monthly acquisition, we have detailed explanations available here 👈

Choose the meal allowance type by default

Do you have a more frequent meal compensation than others ? This is the time to indicate it. This way, every time a shift is created, or a meal is added, this type will be selected by default !

Head to Settings > Locations & Schedules :

Are you feeling hungry and intrigued? Waste no time and click here 👈 to find out more !

Create your different teams

Do you manage multiple teams? Well, with Combo, you can organize your establishments according to your needs. It's convenient, you can add and rename as many schedules as teams you have.

Head to Settings > Locations & Schedules > your location > Scheduling :

  • Click on "Edit”

  • The first schedule appears as "Default Schedule": you can rename it if necessary.

  • Click on "Add a schedule" for any new team to be added.

Setting up your location’s options

Head to Settings > Locations & Schedules > your location > Scheduling :

  • Allowing your employees the option to declare their work hours empowers them to register their working hours using either the web or the Combo mobile app. You still have control and can approve what should be reflected in your payroll. 💡

  • Adding a default break time allows you to save time when creating your shifts.

    • Did you know that every 6 hours, your employee is entitled to a 20-minute break ? Enter it here, and it will be automatically added to your shifts, a significant time saver. ⏱️

    • Do you work in percentages ? Simply change the "calculate the duration of a break in" 💯 !

Defining your productivity and payroll objectives

Keeping track of your ratios is more than useful on Combo ! You can track your key productivity indicators from our schedule analysis tool. The numbers will be displayed in green if you meet your objectives and orange if you don't !

Head to Settings > Locations & Schedules > your location > Scheduling :

Shall we go into more details on the analysis tool ? It's right here 👈

Creating your shift labels

If you scroll down a little further, you'll come to the "Shift labels" section. These allow you to quickly see who is responsible for what on your schedules.

Each label can correspond to a task or a position, the choice is yours !

You can check that each position is filled by using our label view of the schedule (but we'll get into more details about it later !).

Head to Settings > Locations & Schedules > your location > Scheduling :

Setting up your account preferences

Now let's move on to the account options !

Head to Settings > Preferences.

Here you can manage your preferences for scheduling, staff management, holiday notice periods and also your currency.

These options apply to all your locations in the account.

Setting up your account ? Done ✅

Shall we move on to creating your team ? 😉

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