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Activate and set the default meal compensation type
Activate and set the default meal compensation type
How to set the type of meal that suits you best? Wether it is benefit in kind, meal allowance, meal voucher, basket allowance.
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How to always add a meal when you create a shift ?

Go to Settings > Preferences :

  • Check the "By default add a meal per shift"

  • Save

i.e. : The option is set for the entire account.

How do you set the compensation type used at your location ?

There are 4 types of meal compensation :

  • Meal allowance : Meals taken on site at a flat discounted rate.
    In catering, this is equivalent to a meal allowance (for the meal not taken, you get financial compensation)

  • Benefit in kind : Free meal taken on site

  • Restaurant voucher : Known as luncheon voucher

  • Baskets allowance: Lump sum financial allowance for a meal taken outside

To set up compensation for your location, go to Locations & Schedules :

  • Choose your location

  • In the “Labour settings” section, select the meal type to default to your shifts

  • Save

i.e. : When a shift is created with a meal, the default selected meal type will come out directly ! You still have the possibility to change the type of compensation when creating the shift, or not add any.

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