2. Creating my team
You know it, a schedule without a team doesn't make sense : therefore we'll explain you how to create one !
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Because a schedule without a team doesn't make sense, we'll explain how to create one !

➡️ Let’s head to the team’s tab

1️⃣ Add an employee

Go to the "Team" section then click on "Add an employee".

2️⃣ Fill in their personnal information

Fill in all their personal information or only their last name / first name / email and the team to which they belong to, then let them complete the other contact and civil status informations (the employee can only modify the beige banner of their profile).

3️⃣ Inviting my employee

Once the profile is created, send an invitation to your employee by clicking on "invite" next to the email and we will take care of inviting them to complete their profile.

4️⃣ Completing the contract

👉 Then fill in the information relating to the contract by clicking on "Fill in" or click on the future contract if the contract is due to start in a few days.

👉 Entering the salary is absolutely necessary to know and analyze your payroll.

👉 The weekly working time will allow you to ensure proper scheduling each week and ensure that your payroll report is completed as it should.

👉 Indicate the end date of the trial period, the last medical check-up or the expiration date of the work permit and we will send you email alerts before the due date.

💡 Good to know :

  • If the beige banner has been completed prior, the "civil status" part of the contract will be completed automatically.

  • In the payroll section of your contact, you can activate the "minimum wage employee" option. The salary will then be updated automatically according to the evolution of the minimum wage.

👉 If your employee is at French minimum wage, you can select the option “Employee at SMIC” in the Pay tab. The salary will automatically update on French minimum wage.

Now find your employees on your schedule and start planning 🎉

If you want to find out more on how to manage your teams (the access, schedule in different locations etc ...), go here 👈 .

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