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How to set up my paid leave acquisition period on Combo and activate my counters ?
How to set up my paid leave acquisition period on Combo and activate my counters ?

With paid leave counters, you have an overview of your employees' balances, so you can manage their absence requests more efficiently.

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Set up your paid leave acquisition

It will enable you to set up ground to properly calculate your teams' paid leave counters.

Go to Settings > Scheduling > Locations & schedules > Paid leave calculation :

  • Select your calculation basis (5, 6 or 7 days, depending on your company's activity). To find out more about the basis of your paid leave calculations, go here!

  • The monthly acquisition is calculated automatically according to your basis. You can customize it if needed.

  • Choose the start date of your acquisition period. The end date will be automatically one year later.

  • Save.

Good to know :

  • Paid leave calculation is done per location and is accessible to administrators and directors only.

  • This setting is mandatory to enable the management of paid leave counters.

That's it, your acquisition period is now set! 🎉

How to activate the paid leave counters ?

This option can only be enabled by an account admin !

Go to the HR tab > Paid leaves configuration :

  • Select the location you want to activate the counters on, with the navigation bar on the left

  • Click on the 'Paid leave configuration' button

A calculation will automatically begin with :

→ Your employees' contract start dates

→ Your location paid leave calculation basis

→ The past paid leaves which have been scheduled

That's it ! Your counters have been activated ! 🎉

Our team's advice :

When activating the counters, double check them to make sure you are all set !

If you change your paid leave calculations, they will be recalculated to this new setting.

All the information manually edited will be deleted. This is why it's essential all the settings are accurate when activating your counters !

Do you need to manually edit the counters ? We will go into details right here 👈

Let's head to this article to manage together the paid leave dashboard !

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