1. Setting up my account
If you want the application to adapt perfectly to your activity, it is necessary to fill in some information.
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Setting up your account is very easy and can be done in a couple of minutes !

Go to Locations & schedules (to get there, click on your name at the top right > Settings).

1) Filling in my collective agreement

It will allow to adapt your payroll report according to your collective agreement (overtime rate, public holidays, night hours etc.)

2) Choosing the basic paid leave calculation for my establishment

Choose here if you operate in business days (5 days) or working days (6 days) for paid leave and choose your reference period. Don't forget to save! You won't be able to save this part if the reference period isn't selected.

3) Selecting the meal allowance type by default

Choose the type of meal allowance that will appear directly when adding a meal in the shift. Don't forget to save !

πŸ‘‰ For the rest of the setup, go to the "Scheduling" tab !

4) Entering my different schedules (teams)

This step is optional and depends on your personal organization.

Click on the blue pen on the right in the "Manage schedules" part to rename, add or delete the schedules that you want to appear in your establishment. Don't forget to save πŸ™‚

5) Definining my productivity and payroll objectives

Click on the blue pen on the right at the "Targets" part to modify your objectives. Your productivity and your payroll will appear in the schedule analysis chart. They are displayed in orange or green depending on your goals.

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6) Creating my shift labels

Create different types of posts to better organize your schedule.

You can add a new label by clicking on "+ New label" and choose the color and name to assign to it. You can also edit or delete the shift labels by clicking on them.

7) Managing my preferences

Once the setup by establishment is completed, go to the Preferences section (in the left column).

You can manage your preferences for schedules, personnel management, notice period for paid leave, currency...

You're all set. Well done ! πŸ™Œ

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