Setting-up your time clock

With Combo setting up your time-clock according to your needs is a piece of cake !

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Go to the time clock's settings by clicking on Settings > Time Clock (in the Integration section). And now let's check it out in detail ! 👀

The time-clock registration

👉 For the precalculation of the actual hours, you can choose to prefer the scheduled arrival time to the actual arrival time.

If you prefer to register the actual arrival time, they are based on the signatures and you will only have to validate your teams actual hours.

You can choose to round up the employee's arrival or departure time to the nearest 5mn. This simplifies the entry of actual times, or in case of many employees arriving at the same time to allow a few minutes delay.

💡 If the shift starts at 2:00 pm and the employee signs in at 2:02 pm, it will be rounded to 2:00 pm. If he signs in at 2:04 pm, it will be rounded up to 2:05 pm.

⬇️ What rules are applied if you prefer the scheduled times ? ⬇️

  • Arrival time :
    If the employee arrives before the scheduled time, we will retain the scheduled hour.
    If the employee arrives later than the planned hour, the actual time of arrival - of sign-in, will be retained.

  • Departure time :
    If the employee leaves later than the scheduled time, we will retain the scheduled hour.
    If the employee leaves earlier than the planned hour, the actual time of departure - from sign-out, will be retained.

    Whether it is for arrival or departure you can apply a tolerance (up to 20mn). This means that you will grant a tolerance for lateness or early departures.

👉 You can require justification not if clock-in is early or late. With this option, the employee must leave a comment for of their manager to justify the non-respect of planned schedule. This step will be mandatory for the employee to sign in.

The photo clock-in

👉 You have the choice to enable photo taking when your employees sign in.

Two check modes are available :

  • random control

  • reinforced verification.

🎓 By default and according to the CNIL's recommendation*, random control is selected.
* Commission nationale de l'informatique et des libertés, the French equivalent of Information Commissioner's Office.

Why random control ? The CNIL considers the systematic photo-taking from time-clock somewhat excessive. By making the device more random, this respects the principle of minimization, i.e. the collection of personal data must be adequate, relevant and limited to what is necessary with regard to the purposes for which they are processed. So the photo-taking will be triggered randomly based on an algorithm, allowing you to always verify the person who clocked in.

For more information, check out the CNIL website and its article on photo clock-ins right here 👈

Managing breaks and meals

👉 You can allow the employee to fill in their break times, during or at the end of their shift. To do this, simply check the option that works best for you:

- Allow employees to input their break times on clock-out
- Allow employees to sign for their breaks during the shift.

👉 For each option, you can choose to retain sign-in over schedule. This choice will come out when you validate your employees' actual hours: we explain everything here.

👉 You can allow your employees to declare their meals, this enables them to fill in whether or not they have eaten one or more meals, at the end of their shift.

Employee display

👉 You have the possibility to disable the clock-time for non-hourly staff.

📌 The Combo time-clock must be enabled in order to configure it and it is only available to admins. This is a paid add-on.

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