Publishing my schedule
Is your schedule ready? You can now publish it for your team to access it!
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The publication of the schedule allows you to do several things:

  • Communication of the planned hours to your team by e-mail.

  • Validation of your employees' actual hours.

Good to know : Have you entered your employees' emails without inviting them? When you publish the schedule, they receive it by email only. If you want them to have access to the schedule directly from Combo, you have to invite them to activate their account. We explain everything here!

From Schedules, choose your week and your team :

  • Click on "Publish the schedule" at the top right.

  • Select the locations to publish for the 4 following weeks.

  • Choose to add a message to your employees or not.

  • Click on "Publish".

Good to know : If you don't want to share the schedule by email, uncheck "Send the schedule to the employees".

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