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The Combo schedule in a few words !

Hello time-saving on the scheduling and preparing salaries ! 🚀 To do so, here are a few bases. It will be a piece of cake. Don't worry !

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Publishing your schedule : when and why ?

Publishing your schedule is a crucial step to communicating with your employees, but that's not all ! Let's check it out together.

When you create your schedule for the week, it's not published. It's a bit like a draft that only the admins, directors and managers of the company can see.

When publishing your schedule, you share it with your teams :

  • Have you filled in your employee's mobile number or their e-mail address ?
    You can send the scheduled shifts of the week directly to their e-mail or as a text message.

  • Have you invited your employees to join Combo and their access is active ?

    They can log in to the web version or the Combo mobile app and find their schedules ! They will also receive a notification when you publish the schedule.

Good to know :

  • If you haven't indicated your employees' email address or their mobile numbers (for sending by SMS), they won't receive the schedules. Not very practical, right?

  • If you edit or delete a shift on a published schedule, your employee is automatically notified (if their e-mail is indicated in their profile) !

But that's not all !

If you have subscribed to the Combo Time-clock, publishing the schedule enables the shifts to be displayed on the time-clock. Without this, your employees wouldn't be able to find themselves during their shifts.

Adding and validating real hours: for whom? For what?

Even if your employees don't have access to Combo and you haven't entered their email addresses, publishing the schedule allows you to compare what was planned with what was actually worked and adjust your payrolls accordingly.

Once the schedule is published and the day is over, you can declare the actual hours worked by your teams. Make sure to pay the correct number of hours to your teams !

You can do this from the schedule directly or from the time-clock report for our clock-in fans !

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