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How do I use the schedule ?
Communicate the schedule to my teams
How and when do my employees receive their schedules ?
How and when do my employees receive their schedules ?

Whether or not you invite your team, your employees will receive an e-mail when you publish your schedule. Let's go into detail !

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With Combo, it's simple : when you publish your team's schedule, everyone scheduled will receive their shifts.

We offer 3 different and complementary methods:

  • Via e-mail

  • Via SMS

  • Via push notifications

Shall we look at them in detail? 👀

E-mails : the original way to share your schedules

Have you entered your employee's email address correctly in their profile ?

Whether their profile is activated or not, they will receive an email when their schedule is published, with details of :

  • The establishment and team to which they are assigned

  • Shift and break times

  • Their absences

  • Notes added to the schedule

Good to know : If you prefer to publish the schedule without sending emails to your employees, you can un-check the "Send schedule by email to employees" option when publishing it.

SMS: the essential option for those who don't have time !

The SMS option allows you to send your employees' schedules directly by SMS. We'll help you activate it here ! 👈

As soon as you enter your employee's mobile phone number, they can receive an SMS with the following information :

Mobile notifications: a must-have for connected employees

Has your employee activated their profile and downloaded our Combo mobile application? Great news!

When your schedule is published, they'll receive a notification to let them know.

One click, and they're on their way to the Planning tab of their Combo mobile app ! Efficient 🚀

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