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How to use the schedule ?
Create my schedule
Add a note on the schedule or in a shift
Add a note on the schedule or in a shift
You want to add a message to the whole team or to a specific employee in your schedule? You can do it!
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To facilitate communication with the team or an employee directly, Combo allows for notes to be added to the schedule.

We'll explain how it works!

Add a note for the whole team on the schedule:

On the schedule, you are able to add a particular information on a specific day of the week:

  • Click on the day of your choice

  • Add your note

  • Create

Add a note for a specific employee in a shift:

If you want to address a message to an employee specifically, then you can do so directly in their shift.

  • Click on the shift of your choice

  • Add the note

  • Save

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