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Transferring my employee's shift from one team to another
Transferring my employee's shift from one team to another

You have planned an employee on a schedule, but you want to transfer this shift to another team ? We’ll explain the process !

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On Combo, you can easily move an upcoming shift from one location or team to another.

If they are past or in progress, you will need to create them again from the right team.

Let's look at how to do this for future shifts ! First, make it possible to schedule your employee for the 2 shifts (the one where the shift was created, the one where the shift is to be transferred).

Head to your employee's profile :

  • In the Permissions and Access tab, make sure your employee has access to both locations

  • Then head to the Work Time tab

  • Click on "Edit" in the Scheduling section

  • Select the team for which your employee is to be scheduled

  • Save

Good to know :

  • You must have access to the team to be able to be scheduled on it (go to the Permissions and access section of your employee profile)

  • If you are a manager or director, you must have access to the teams concerned, otherwise you will not be able to make the change.

Head to your schedule for the concerned week :

  • Click on the shift

  • Scroll down to "Move this shift to another team"

  • Choose the team to transfer to and the label to assign

  • Save

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