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How to read the attendance sheets in your employee's profile ?
How to read the attendance sheets in your employee's profile ?

The attendance sheets on your employee's profile are different from the ones you download from the schedule. Here’s an explanation !

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Finding my employee's attendance sheets

Head to your employee's profile > Work Time tab :

  • Click on the desired month to view the attendance sheet

  • Click on "view history" to view past months

The content of my employee's attendance sheet

Time sheets in your employees' profiles can be accessed by :

  • The employee concerned, if the option has been activated in the account preferences

  • The manager attached to the employee's team if they have access to employee information

  • The director attached to the employee's establishment

  • All account admins

Each attendance sheet is presented as follows :

  • Date : Day concerned

  • Planned : The scheduled hours of the shifts, break time and absences.

  • Actual : The hours actually worked by the employee and their break times.

    • If your employee's actual hours have not been validated, then the same information will be used as in "Planned".

    • If you are using the Combo time clock and prefer to use the clocktime rather than the scheduled one, then the hours clocked by the employee will appear in the column "Actual" if you do not validate the real hours.

  • Institution : The name of the location in which your employee worked.

  • Gap : The difference between the scheduled hours and the actual hours. It's not the overtime hours worked by the employee.

  • Work time : Number of hours worked during the day (including replacement compensatory time-offs, training, and medical visits)

  • Meal : Number of meals counted during the day

  • Comment : Notes added when creating or validating the shift.

At the bottom of the page, you will have a monthly total of the days worked, the number of meals, the planned hours, the actual hours.

Good to know : If you check the time-sheets during the month, the number of hours worked only includes the days worked (excluding the current day) !

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