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How to manage my team's lateness ?

Your employee is late, and you want to notify it on Combo ? It will be sorted in a couple of clicks ! 🚀

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When an employee is late, you have two choices :

  • Deduct the delay from the pay : the employee does not have to make up for their lateness, and it's notified on their payslip.

  • Don't deduct the delay : the delay does not show up on their pay, not financially penalizing your employee. The delay can be caught up later, in agreement with the manager.

Shall we go into these two options in detail ?

How to deduct this lateness from their pay ?

Your employee has been late too many times this week, and you want to make a statement by deducting it from their salary ?

Head to your published Schedule :

  • Click on the shift and fill in the actual worked hours

  • Check the box "late with salary deduction".

  • Validate

Good to know : The lateness will appear on your payroll, in the "Late" column of the Absences tab.

How to not deduct this lateness from their salary ?

If you do not wish to deduct the delay from your employee's pay, simply note the actual hours worked, without checking the "Late with salary deduction" box.

No need for additional action !

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