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How to edit or delete a shift ?

Oops, you need to delete or edit an existing shift ? No worries, we are here to help ! 🧘‍♀️

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Before we get into it, let's differentiate if your schedule is published or not. What's the point ? Let me get into the details !

  • The unpublished schedule is your draft. Your employees do not have access to it, and you can edit it as you wish.

  • The published schedule is already shared with employees. It can be viewed online by all employees (if you invite them). If you make any changes to the schedule, then the affected employee(s) will receive an email notification. 🙈

How to edit your employee's shift ?

Head to the schedule :

  • Click on the shift you want to modify. If the schedule is published, you will only be able to edit upcoming shifts. If you need to modify a past or ongoing shift, un-publish the schedule !

  • Indicate the required changes (break, meal, hours…!)

  • If your schedule is published, you have control over the "Notify User" option. If you un-check it, your employee will not be informed of the changes. A little bit of an inconvenience !

  • Click on "Save" ! 🪄

Good to know :

  • If the schedule is published, it's possible for a manager or director to not have the rights to edit it. If that's the case, please reach out to an admin of your account !

  • Editing a shift doesn't validate the actual hours. To validate the real shift hours, head here 👈

How to delete your employee's shift ?

Head to the schedule :

  • Click on the shift you want to delete

  • Select 'Delete' at the button of the pop-up. Your employee will automatically be notified if the schedule is published !


  • Click on Tools and select "Delete several shifts and absences".

  • You then have several choices:

    • Delete all the shifts or absences for the week with "Select all".

    • Delete all shifts or absences for a specific date by clicking on the square to the left of the desired day.

    • Delete all the shifts or absences for an employee by clicking on the square to the right of the employee's name.

    • Delete several shifts or absences selected specifically on the schedule by clicking on the corresponding ticks.

  • Once you have made your selection, confirm by clicking on "Delete {the selected number} of items" at the top right!

Good to know :

  • Select the first day of an absence to delete it entirely !

  • Your schedule may be published or not, this is a past or upcoming shift, once it is deleted, it is permanent !

  • As a manager or director, you may not be able to edit a published schedule : reach out to your admin !

To duplicate a week unto another, head right here !

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