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How to add sick leave to your schedule

Is your employee out sick ? 🤒 We explain how to add this information to the schedule in this article.

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How to indicate sick leave if you haven't received a certificate ?

As long as you haven't received your employee's sick leave certificate, do not add this type of absence to the schedule !

Head to your schedule:

  • Click on the shift concerned

  • Select "Did not show"

  • Select the "Justified absence"

  • You can add a note if required

  • Validate

And once you have received the certificate ?

Your employee has forwarded their sick leave certificate ? It's time to edit the schedule and complete the absence !

Head to your schedule :

  • Create the Sick Leave to the indicated dates of the certificate provided by your employee. Make sure the absence is scheduled at once ! 💡

Good to know :

  • If shifts were scheduled during these dates, this absence will automatically delete them.

  • If you indicated an un(justified) absence, invalidate the shift to indicate the sick leave of absence !

  • The leave is for the entire month ? Make sure to indicate the absence from the 1st until the last day of the month to account for the theoretical contract 👍

The sick leave will appear in hours in the payroll report in the Absences tab > Compensated :

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