Duplicating or deleting my schedule
We'll explain how to duplicate or delete your schedule, in the easiest way possible !
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How to duplicate your schedule

Once your schedule is finalized, you can duplicate it up to 7 weeks in the future:

  • Select a team

  • Click on the duplication symbol at the top right of your schedule

  • Choose to duplicate the schedule of all employees or just some

  • Select the weeks you want to duplicate the schedule on.

🚨 If you duplicate a schedule on a week which already has existing shifts, we will indicate this as the duplicated shifts will add up to the shifts already scheduled.

Good to know :

  • If you need to duplicate your weeks beyond 8 weeks or on a past week, you can contact us on the tchat through the bubble on the bottom of your screen !

  • Only the "Weekly rest" absence can be duplicated. If you want to duplicate an absence because it spans on several weeks, choose the dates carefully with the help of this article.

How to delete your schedule

You need to completely change your schedule or redo the shifts for an employee. No worries, deleting the schedule is just a few clicks away :

  • Unpublish your schedule if it's published

  • Click on the Trash icon at the top right of your schedule

  • Choose to delete the schedule for all employees or just some

Good to know :

  • Deleting is definitive 🚨

  • Only worked shifts and weekly rests will be deleted. Other absences will have to be deleted manually.

  • It the schedule is published, it's possible for managers and directors to have this feature disabled. If this is the case, we invite you to reach out to an account admin.

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