How do you validate your team's actual hours?
Whether you are a manager, a director or an administrator, you have the possibility to validate the real hours completed by your teams.
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To enter actual hours on your schedule, two conditions must be fulfilled :

  • Your schedule is published

  • The shift has already started

How to validate actual hours from the schedule

If you use Combo’s time clock, go here to learn how to validate actual hours directly from the time clock report.

On the schedule, to validate your teams' actual hours, you have two options.

1) Validate/modify a shift

  • Click on the shift to validate

  • In the actual hours section, it’s possible to change the shift label, indicate the hours worked (with the possibility of choosing a deduction from salary if late), the break(s), the meals, as well as a comment if necessary.

  • Validate

2) Validate multiple shifts with one click

  • Click on the validate shifts icon

  • Select the shifts to be validated without modification (it’s possible to validate all the shifts by employee, by day, or all the shifts of the week)

  • If necessary, uncheck shifts whose actual differs from the planned in order to fill them in individually

  • Confirm

What does the color-coding of the shifts on the schedule correspond to?

To make it as easy as possible for you to manage your planning, we have implemented a color code at the shift level to see the status of the shifts at a glance.

  • Shift has no background : Shift has not started yet.

  • The shift has a white background: The employee has not entered his/her actual hours or they don’t differ from the planned.

  • The shift is on a dark background: The employee has filled in his actual hours and they differ from the scheduled. It only remains for the manager to validate the shift or edit it..

  • The shift is on a light background: The manager has validated the actual shift hours. A small check at the bottom right of the shift indicates its validation. If the actual hours differ from the planned, then you have the mention of the difference in the shift.

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