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Creating an absence on my schedule

One or more employees won't be present next week ? It's very easy to indicate it in your schedule !

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Filling in your employee's absences is a key step that will directly be reflected in the payroll reports : whether it's paid leave, sick leave, training or an unjustified absence, they directly impact your employee's pay.

How to create an absence for one or more employees ?

  • Select the white rectangle of your choice

  • Click on "New absence"

  • Complete the details of the absence, type, date, and you can even choose to add a note.

Good to know :

  • You can select more than one employee when creating an absence for the weekly rest day, partial unemployment, training and public holidays.

  • You have the possibility to customize the duration of the absence. To find out more, go to this article 👈

  • If a compensated absence is added in one go (not split) from the 1st to the last day of the month and your pay period is also from the 1st to the last day of the month, then the calculation takes into account the theoretical monthly contract time. (ex : 151.67 hours for a 35-hour contract).

How to set up my absences according to my employee's rest days ?

The absence is only scheduled on your employee's rest days ? Then it will have a value of 0 hours of absence !

For example: Matthew has a 35-hour contract, working 5 days a week. We put 2 days of partial unemployment on his days off. They are valued at 0 and do not appear in the payroll report.

The absence is added over several days ? Some days can be implicitly considered as the employee's rest days. It all depends on the number of days worked per week in their contract !

Let's look at Matthew's schedule again. He has a 35-hour contract, on 5 days a week. 4 days of partial unemployment are scheduled. Only 2 days are counted in the pay report, the other 2 being the employee's implicit rest days !

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