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Saving time on my schedule

Select, delete, duplicate & favorites... No need to use your mouse and save some time !

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Using keyboard shortcuts on your schedule

Whether you use a Mac or a PC, we'll show you how to use our shortcuts !

Good to know :

  • Only shifts will be copied, moved or deleted ! For weekly rest periods, this action must be performed manually

  • You can find the list of keyboard shortcuts directly from the schedule by clicking on this button :

First, click on your schedule to select a shift or shifts planned for a member of staff. You can then use the combinations below to perform different actions !



Move upwards



Move downward



Move to the right



Move to the left



Move to the top

CTRL + ↑

⌘ + ↑

Move to the bottom

CTRL + ↓

⌘ + ↓

Move far right

CTRL + →

⌘ + →

Move far left

CTRL + ←

⌘ + ←

Go to the previous week

Alt + ←

⌥ + ←

Go to the following week

Alt + →

⌥ + →



Copy selected shifts


⌘ + C

Paste selected shifts


⌘ + V

Delete selected shifts while copying them


⌘ + X

Delete selected shifts

CTRL + ⌫

⌘ + ⌫

Switch selected shifts between employees

CTRL + ↑ + D

⌘ + ↑ + D

Validate / invalidate selected shifts


⌘ + E

Cancel selection



How about an example with a video ?

I would like to switch Martin's scheduled shifts with Penelope's

  1. I copy Martin's shifts : CTRL + C on PC or ⌘ + C on Mac

  2. I then move around the schedule to access Penelope's line using the arrow on the keyboard ⬇️

  3. I swap Martin's shifts with Penelope's : CTRL + ↑ + D or ⌘ + ↑ + D on the Mac

Creating and using my favorite shifts

The favorite shifts allow you to keep all your shifts at your fingertips to use as needed. Very handy and time-saving when you have recurring shifts from one week to another !

Head to the schedule > Select a team > click on the ⭐️ :

  • Click and drag an already created shift to the favorites bar to add it.

  • You can add as many favorite shifts as you wish from the favorite bar !

  • Insert the favorite shift into the schedule by clicking and dragging it from the favorites bar to the schedule

Good to know :

  • The favorites navigation bar is unique to each team

  • By default, the absence weekly rest is present in the favorites bar. It's the only absence that can be stored in the favorites bar

  • The breaks and meals scheduled for the shift remain stored within the favorite shift

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