How to send my payroll report to my accountant ?

To save time at the end of each pay period, send your export to your accountant in a few clicks!

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In order for your accountant to prepare your team's payroll easily, you have two possibilities :

  • Either give them direct access to your account by following the steps here 👈

  • Or download the spreadsheet export each month and send it to them.

How to download my payroll report ?

➡️ Go to Reports :

  • Create your pay period : you don't know how to do it ? Don't worry ! We've got it covered 😉 Check this article 👈

  • Download the spreasheet export (this one includes 3 tabs: one on absences, one on variable payroll elements, a summary with all the employees' accounting information) or click on "Other exports" to choose only the absences / variable payroll elements report or the export adapted to your payroll software integrated with us... and you're sorted !

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