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How to send my payslips with just a click ?
How to send my payslips with just a click ?

Combo enables you to save time when sharing your employees' payslips. We'll explain it all in this article !

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As an administrator, you can import a file containing all your employees' payslips. Combo will automatically affiliate them to the employees concerned !

Activating the payslip distribution option

It can be done in less than two minutes !

Head to the HR tab > Payslips Distribution :

  • Click on 'Discover'

  • Agree to the CGV and confirm you have the authorization to subscribe to this option

  • You're all set ! Your subscription will automatically be updated !

Importing payslips on Combo

Head to the HR tab > Payslips Distribution :

  • Click on 'Import Payslips'

  • Indicate the concerned month

  • Import your documents

Good to know :

  • If certain payslips are not recognized (for example, if there is a homonym or a discrepancy between the surnames/first names on the payslips), don't panic! We'll give you a summary of the unrecognized payslips, specifying the page so that you can make the association manually.

  • Only active employees appear on the distribution list

  • The document must be in a PDF format to be imported

Distributing the payslips to your employees

Once the payslips have been imported, all you have to do is distribute them to your employees !

  • Click on "Send"

  • You're done ! Your payslips have been imported. Employees will be notified by email that their payslips are available in their profiles! 🪄

Where can I find my payslips ?

That's it !

You've imported your employees' payslips. To find and download them (individually or in bulk), go to the employee's profile !

Profile in the Documents tab > Payslips section :

Good to know :

  • These documents are also available in the employee's profiles on their mobile app ! How convenient !

You can find the import history in the HR section, which contains the essential information :

  • The document's import date

  • The concerned month

  • The admin who proceeded to the import

  • The number of payslips distributed

The payslip distribution is a paid option. To find out more don't hesitate to reach out !

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