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How should I organize my establishment ?
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Are you hesitating between keeping a global location with all your employees or creating an establishment with several teams ?

We'll explain the advantages and differences to help you choose the organization that suits you best!

Creating a global establishment

A global establishment allows you to :

  • Have all your employees on the same schedule, which is handy for printing !

  • View everyone's schedule directly (only if the option "Employees can view the schedules of other members of their teams" is activated in Preferences).

  • Easily move an employee from one shift to another, as everything is on the same team.

  • Give your managers and directors access to the schedules of all your employees.

  • Obtain a global payroll on the schedule.

  • Enable managers, directors and admins to manage holiday requests for all employees.

  • Export a single accounting file at the end of the pay period for all your employees.

Creating different teams in your location

An establishment with teams lets you :

  • Have better visibility by team, especially if you have a lot of employees !

  • Organise your schedules according to the posts to which your employees are assigned.

  • Give your employees, managers and directors access to the schedules for their team only, for greater confidentiality between teams.
    You can still give them access to several schedules if they need it - we'll tell you more here 👈.

  • Get a payroll calculated either overall or by team depending on your selection on the schedule. If you use a cash register integrated with Combo, then the payroll ratio will be based strictly on the establishment.

  • Manage holiday requests by team / establishment according to the access rights of managers and directors.

  • Enroll your teams on the same tablet or on one tablet per team. Handy if you have teams who don't work in the same place! We will tell you more about it here 👈(time clock is a paid option)

  • Export an accounting export by team at the end of the pay period or by location !

And now you know everything you need to adopt the organization that suits you best !

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