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Having several teams in the same establishment
Having several teams in the same establishment

Do your establishments consist of different teams, all with their schedules and organization ? Let me explain to you how it works !

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Many of you may work with several schedules for different teams. It allows you to lighten your schedules, have better visibility and to assign one manager per team (so that they manage the schedule!).

Creating several schedules

  • Choose the establishment to which you want to add your different teams

  • Click on "Scheduling"

  • Select "Edit" from the "Manage schedules" section

  • Create as many schedules as you need. You can rename them directly !

Good to know : If you want to delete a schedule, you can click on the trash can right next to it !

And now, it's up to you ! 👏

If you want to plan an employee on several schedules, it's possible ! Find out how, right here 👈

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