How to create and find my Combo time clock ID

The ID of your time clock is unique and allows you to log into Combo time clock.

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To create or find your time clock's ID, go to Settings > Time Clock.

Create a time clock ID:

  • On the "Combo’s time clock credentials" tab, click on " + New ID”

  • Choose the name of your time clock

  • Your tablet's unique ID is already filled in and cannot be changed

  • Activate the schedules associated with this ID

  • Save

Find my time clock ID in one click:

Once your ID is created, you will find it in the Settings > Time Clock. By clicking on it, you have the ability to edit the schedules attached to the ID and its name.

✨ We have a little tip for you ! ✨

You can share the ID with your managers, so they don't have to bother you if they ever need to reconnect the tablet. This login only allows to connect to the Combo time clock app.

Shall we set up your time-clock now ? Let's go ! 👏

📌 The Combo time-clock must be enabled in order to configure it and it is only available to admins. This is a paid add-on.

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