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How to send time-sheets for my employees to sign?

The electronic signature on attendance sheets allows you to have your employees sign without printing any documents. Convenient, right ?

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How to send an attendance sheet for e-signature to my employees ?

As an admin, director, or manager, you can send attendance sheets to your employees who have at least one scheduled shift for the week.

Attendance sheets can’t be changed after they have been sent. Make sure that all actual hours have been validated before sending it !

Head to your Schedule > select your team for a past and published week :

  • Click on 'Tools'

  • If the week has passed and the schedule is published, you can select 'Manage time sheets signature'

  • Select the employees to whom the time sheets should be sent

  • Click on "Send".

Employees will receive their time-sheets directly from their email address specified in their profile. As long as the sheets have not been signed, they will appear as "Signature pending" on your side.

As an employee, how do I sign my attendance sheet?

Have you received an email with the subject "Your establishment invites you to sign your attendance sheet for the week of DD/MM/YYYY"? You can now check and sign your attendance sheet!

Click on "Access document" in your e-mail:

  • Click on the "Sign" button

  • Sign manually or automatically

And that's it, you can retrieve your attendance sheet directly and save it on your side! 🥳

How do I keep track of my employees' signatures and download signed time-sheets?

Once all your employees have signed their time sheets for the week, you will have the details right here :

This indicates who has signed !

  • Click on 'Tools'

  • Select 'Manage time sheet signatures'

  • Click on the download icon :

    ‣ If you only want to download an employee's time-sheets, click to the right of their name.

    ‣ If you want to download them all, click at the top in Follow-up of signatures.

  • Find the time-sheets in your downloaded documents and by email.

Good to know :

  • The grouped download recovers all the attendance sheets, signed or not.

  • Your employee will receive one reminder e-mail per week to sign the time sheet, up to a maximum of 5 reminders.

  • The link to sign the time sheet expires after 6 months.

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