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Creating a "partial unemployment" absence
Creating a "partial unemployment" absence

You can easily record the absence of your employees from work on your schedule.

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What is partial unemployment?

Partial unemployment is a state aid scheme that supports companies and preserves employee’s salary. It allows the employer affected by an exceptional situation, to temporarily reduce the working hours of all or part of the employees. They will receive an indemnity to compensate for their loss of salary.

How does it work on Combo?

The hours entered in partial unemployment must correspond to the hours that the employee should have normally worked. It’s therefore important to fill them in correctly in your schedule as these absences will affect the payroll.

Good to know : An absence corresponds to a duration but not to specific hours. If the employee had to work in split shifts, no worries, one absence will suffice. It’s up to you to indicate the total duration of the absence over the whole day.

How to create this absence on the schedule ?

  • Press the "+" that appears when you drag on the rectangle

  • Click on the "new absence" tab at the top right of the window

  • Choose the reason partial unemployment from the list

  • Select the employee(s)

  • Choose the duration of the absence (one day or more)

  • If needed, you can add a note (for example: unemployment work hours)

  • Create

For duration of absence: By default, we divide the contract time by the number of days worked per week specified in the contract.

Ex: For a 35h contract working 5 days/week, the absence per day will have a duration of 7h.

You can revalue this duration and fill in the value of your choice by clicking on the blue pen.

Note : To customize the duration of the absence the value has to be entered in decimal. It will then be displayed in hours.

And if I already have a shift planned during the day, how do I do it?

If your employee is ultimately out of work all day, then delete the planned shift, then create a new absence. If the employee combines hours worked and partial unemployment on the same day, then keep that shift and add an absence as well.

Good to know : An alert may appear on the schedule, disregard it (it’s for the scheduled, not the actual times). If it bothers you, you can hide alerts in the schedule options.

Where can I find the export of my location’s partial unemployment hours?

A report will allow you to know the number of hours of partial unemployed and worked per week, per month and per employee. This will facilitate your declaration to the Direccte (Regional Directorate for Business, Competition, Consumption, Labour and Employment).

Go to the Reports tab. Click on "Export partial unemployment hours". It's up to you to choose the month and year you require and you're done! ✨

Good to know : If a week is in between two months, you will systematically find it in the export of the first month concerned. For example: The week from November 30 to December 6 will be visible in the export of November and not December.

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