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Revaluing or customizing the duration of an absence
Revaluing or customizing the duration of an absence
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When scheduling an absence in days, its value is calculated automatically :

contract work hours divided by the number of contact work days per week

However, we do know that for the calculation of missing hours or overtime, the value of the absence (sick leave, maternity leave, unpaid leave) has to match what your employee would've worked if present !

You can customize the duration of the absence in order to be as accurate as possible.

  • Select the absence from the Schedule

  • Click on the blue pen to the right of the absence duration

  • You have an overview of the weeks affected by the absence : worked hours, duration of the other absences already scheduled, difference to the weekly contract (overtime or missing hours).

  • Change the duration of the absence for the desired week by completing the box "Personalized hours" : for 1h30 indicate 1,5h 😉

Specifications to remember 💡

  1. If the employee is absent for the entire week, the absence's duration will be their weekly work time, and can't be edited.

  2. If a compensated absence is indicated at once (un-split) from the 1st to the last day of the month, and your payroll period is the same dates, the calculation takes into account the theoretical monthly contract time : 151.67 hours for 35 hours a week contract)

  3. Only the compensated absences (recovered by social security) can be revalued at 0 : sick leave, professional disease, maternity leave, paternity leave, parental leave and partial unemployment. If you want to revalue another absence at 0 hours, then simply don't add it to the schedule.

  4. Changing the duration of an absence which is only indicated on the employee's rest days (they will be automatically at 0 hours), you force the number of indicated days in the report.

  5. Paid leave is different ! Regardless of your employees' work hours, they accumulate and have the same number of days. This depends on your paid leave basis. We will go into details right here 👈

  6. As an admin, you can customize absences. If you are a manager or a director, this is an option !

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