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Combo time clock
Combo time-clock, a simple and efficient !
Combo time-clock, a simple and efficient !
Time clock, counter clock-in, time clocking machine: call it whatever you want ! We introduce you to ours and explain everything :)
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Once you have the Combo time-clock app installed on your tablet (Android or iOs), contact us to enable the "time clock" option in your account. You'll be able to log in with your unique time-clock ID and you're done!

We recommend using a tablet with at least iOS version 13, or Android version 11.


With the Combo time-clock, you can record the arrival and departure times of your employees in real time.

When your employees arrive at their workplace, they check in. At the end of their shift, they sign out again on the time clock to report their departure. They can even enter their break times. For this nothing could be simpler :

  • The employee clicks on their name, to enter arrival/departure times. A window will pop up, showing the arrival/departure time.

  • They sign in (and a picture is taken only if the option is enabled).

Good to know :

  • If your employee clocks in and out normally, they appear on the time clock 2hrs before their shift and disappear from the dashboard 30min after their shift ends.

  • If your employee clocks in his arrival time but not his departure time, they disappear from the dashboard 4h after their shift supposedly ends.

  • If your employee doesn't clock in at all, they disappears from the dashboard 30min after their shift supposedly ends.

If you schedule one or more breaks during the same shift for your employee, they will be able to clock in and out of them without any problems during or at the end of their shift.

If an employee arrives or leaves early or late, in addition to signing in (and taking a picture if the option is enabled), a small window will open for them to enter a message justifying this late/early to his manager. If this option is enabled, then the justification will be required to validate the arrival or departure time if the person is late or early;

Our tips :

  • If your employee does not appear on the time clock, feel free to check that the schedule is published and that their shift is not scheduled on another location.

  • If you have a last minute change in your schedule, don't forget to properly create the shift on the schedule so that it can appear on the time clock (or make sure the clock-in without a scheduled shift is enabled, to find out how to set it up go here ๐Ÿ‘ˆ).


You can find all the Combo time-clock data in your Time-clock report, to validate or modify the actual hours, once the shift has passed. You will find the signature, the possible photo, the arrival and departure time, the break times and the justification if there is a delay/advance.

If you wish to change the default time held, simply click "Done / To be processed"on the relevant shift and fill in the actual time of the shift and breaks before submitting.

Validation on the schedule:

On the schedule you can still validate hours as you normally would! Breaks as well! It's your choice!

To learn more about the validation of actual hours, click here ๐Ÿ‘ˆ

You want to change your time clock options, no worries, follow the guide ! ๐Ÿ“–

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