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How to set up the Combo time-clock ?

We explain the required steps to follow in order to install the Combo time-clock !

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The Combo time-clock is an app to install on your Android or Apple tablet.

How to install and configure your tablet for the proper utilisation of the Combo time-clock ?

  • Verify that your tablet and the app are up to date. You can activate automatic software updates for an easier usage !

  • Set up your tablet in landscape mode (even if you set it up on the wall).

  • Disable standby to enable employee login and insure the proper use in offline mode :

Android : Settings > Display > Screen Timeout > Never.

iOS : Settings > General > Display & brightness > Auto Lock > Never.

  • Keep the app in the main screen.

  • Lock the use of the tablet only on our application to guarantee the authenticity of each login :

    Android : Settings > Security > Pin screen.

    iOS : Settings > Accessibility > Guided access

How about everyday ?

  • Unlock the tablet when arriving in your establishment and launch the Combo time-clock app if it’s not already open.

  • When leaving, make sure you are connected to the Wi-Fi and launch the ‘refresh’ button to synchronise all clock-ins which still may be in the waiting list offline. You can lock the tablet once the sync is completed !

📌 The Combo time-clock must be enabled in order to configure it and it is only available to admins. This is a paid add-on.

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