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How do I set up the option "Clock-in without planned shift" and use it on a daily basis?
How do I set up the option "Clock-in without planned shift" and use it on a daily basis?

You have a last minute replacement ? Don’t worry, you can allow your employees to clock in and out even without a planned shift !

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The option of clocking in and out without a planned shift allows your employees to clock-in and out if they don’t have a previous planned shift on the schedule.

How to set up the option “Clock-in without planned shift”?

Go to Settings > Time clock > Settings :

  • Check the option "Allow employees without a scheduled shift to clock-in”

  • Save

How an employee can clock-in and out without a planned shift ?

On the Combo time-clock, you will find 2 parts :

👉 Shifts : showing the shifts over the next 2 hours

👉 Employees : showing the list of employees

The magic happens in the Employees section ! You can click on your name to indicate that you are starting a shift and add a comment for your manager. The shift is displayed on the time-clock with the mention "Shift not planned".

The clock-out can be done as usual ! Do not forget to sign out at the end of the shift to end it.

Good to know : It is not possible to clock-in without a planned shift if you already have a shift scheduled within the next 2 hours.

Where to find the information on Combo once you have clocked in?

The registration of your employees appears in 3 places in Combo :

  • On the schedule

  • In the shift report

  • In the HR dashboard

👉 On the schedule

Once the employee has clocked out, the shift will appear on the schedule. An icon at the bottom right of the shift indicates that it’s a clock-in without a planned shift.

Good to know : The planned shift is displayed on the schedule and is taken into account in the counters once the employee has clocked out !

👉 In the shift report :

The planned shift is shown in the shift report as soon as the clock-in is completed. It is indicated as "Incomplete" until the employee signs off.

👉 In the HR dashboard :

From the tab RH > Time Clock anomalies, you will find the unplanned shift with the mention "Unplanned"

Now you know how clocking-in without a planned shift works ! 👏

And to find out how to validate your employees’ actual hours, go here !

📌 The Combo time-clock must be enabled in order to configure it and it is only available to admins. This is a paid add-on.

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