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Scheduling my employee's compensatory time off absence
Scheduling my employee's compensatory time off absence

Your employee has acquired some well deserved rest ? But how does it work on Combo ? 🤔We'll explain it all here. It's very easy !

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You can schedule compensatory time-off for your permanent or fixed-term full-time employees with a current contract.

Head to your schedule :

  • Click on the white rectangle of your choice to add this absence

  • Choose "New absence" and select "Replacement Compensatory Time-Off" as an absence type.

Good to know : If this type of absence is unavailable, your employee most likely has a part-time contract ! That's normal ! 🙂

  • Indicate the duration of the absence (a table shows you the balance up to date and the employee's forecast balance, taking into account the duration of the absence)

  • Click on "Create" and you are all good !

Your employee's Compensatory Replacement Rest balance is updated directly and is visible from their schedule counter and from the Leave and Absences tab in their profile :

Good to know :

  • The CTO counter indicates your employees' total balance (scheduled rest included).

  • You can schedule a CTO absence even if your employee's balance is negative! The option is to be activated by an admin in your locations settings > Scheduling tab

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