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Scheduling an apprentice while they are in school
Scheduling an apprentice while they are in school
You want to schedule an apprentice or an employee on an apprenticeship? We'll tell you how to do it here!
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It's not always easy to know how to fill in the hours of attendance at school for an apprentice or a work-study student. You have two solutions which we explain below 🙂

1. Create a training absence

The "Training" absence is a paid absence, so it's not deducted from the employee's pay and the training hours are considered as actual working time.

2. Schedule a shift with a "School" label

Another alternative exists for filling in the attendance hours at school for your apprentice or work-study student. You can create or ask your director or administrator to create a "School" label by following this article and then choose it when creating the shift. You will be able to indicate times, breaks and lunch 🙌

Good to know : from an operational point of view, the hours of the "School" shift are included in the productivity calculation at the location, in the Analysis tab.

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