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How do the alerts on the schedule work ?

The alerts on the schedule will depend on your collective agreement and the Labour law.

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We all know… there are many laws within the Labor code, and it’s usually hard to remember them all !

Legal working time without a break, daily rest period, weekly working time, maximum working hours… so many specific requirements that are hard to keep track of when preparing your schedules !

Combo will take them automatically into consideration ! If your schedule isn’t in compliance with these rules, we will let you know with an alert ! 🙋‍♀️ All you have to do is amend it accordingly and the alert will disappear.

Good to know :

  • The alerts on the schedule are only visible as an indication to manager, directors and admins. They won’t stop you from publishing the schedule as is !

  • Only admins and directors can hide alerts in the schedule display settings :

Key step: checking your collective agreement on Combo

Filling in your collective agreement is essential to make the most of Combo !

Selecting your collective agreement as well as APE code (activity code) not only enables you to have the required alerts on the schedule but also have the correct overtime compensation for your payroll. E-ssen-tial ✨

If you have yet to complete it or want to make sure everything is in order, head to Settings > Collective agreement :

How to understand the different types of alerts on the schedule ?

Different types of alerts may appear on the schedule : they indicate the scheduled hours aren’t in compliance with your collective agreement or there is a conflict in the scheduled hours.

You can find a summary of all the alerts in the schedule in the top right corner as well as in each shift :

  • The conflicting hours alerts are often linked to one employee being scheduled in two different locations at the same time. Please make sure you delete the duplicate, otherwise the hours will be counted twice. They can also appear if you have two shifts overlapping. ! 🧐

  • The alerts concerning the regulations due to the collective agreement automatically adjust to your actual hours. If you publish a schedule with these alerts but in reality you follow the rules, then, when you indicate the real hours, the alert will disappear. 🪄

Good to know : When validating the hours, and declaring that your employee left early and then add an absence for the hours not worked, a conflict will arise because it is based on the scheduled hours. Simply ignore it ! ☺️

The most important thing is that the worked hours respect HR rules !💡

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