Adding the availabilities for my employee
Is your employee not available every day? To avoid errors, you can record their availabilities.
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If one of your employees has a pool session every Thursday night or classes on Tuesday mornings, it's better to know it in advance. That's why it's possible to fill in each employee's fixed availabilitites on their profile sheet.

For part-time employees this is even mandatory !

How to change your employee's availabilities

Go to the profile of the employee of your choice :

  • Click on the blue pen to the right of "Availability”.

  • Select whether the employee is "available", "unavailable" or "partially available" and in which case, you can specify the hours of availability

  • Save

  • Unavailability and partial availabilities are then displayed on the schedule, weekly

💡 Good to know :

  • In the Schedule part directly visible from the profile, you will easily see your employee's availability: in green, available all day, in orange available part of the day, in red, unavailable.

  • If the employee's contract has not yet started, you’ll need to click on the Future Contract and then the "Schedule" tab to indicate their availability.

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