Create a contract amendment

When you change a contract, you need to create an amendment. It's simple and we make it easier for you 🎉

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If you change any element of your employee's contract, it involves creating an amendment. This can affect the salary, the modification of weekly contractual duration, or the qualification of the employee's position.

The amendment can be permanent or temporary (with an end date for the modification) and can be created at any time during the initial contract.

💡 Good to know : An amendment cannot extend the duration of a contract. If your employee changes from a fixed-term contract to an open-ended contract for example, a new contract must be created.

1) Create a new amendment on the employee’s profile

Go on the employee’s profile :

  • In the Contracts section, click on "Create an amendment”

  • Select the type of amendement: permanent or one-time

  • Add the information to be modified in the contract and the effective date

  • Save

You can then generate a contract amendment for the employee in their profile.

To do so, you will need to create a document template first. Learn more about it in this article 👈

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