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Validate actual hours with the time clock
Validate actual hours with the time clock

We give you some tips on how to save time with the time-clock report !

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Validating actual hours won't have any more secrets for you ! It's quick and intuitive : let us explain how to validate your employees' hours in two main steps.

Go to your time-clock report (Reports section > Time-clock). On this page, you see all the clock in & out from your team, day by day.

The following information is at a glance in your time-clock report :

  • Scheduled shifts and breaks

  • The arrival and departure sign-in times

  • The actual shifts and breaks filled in

  • The duration of the shift

  • The registration photo (when a photo has been taken)

  • The validation status

1) Validate anomalies

As soon as an anomaly is detected (delay or early departure for instance), it displays in orange in the time-clock report, so that you can quickly spot the shifts that don’t correspond to what was scheduled.

We invite you to validate one by one all shifts for which you need to change the actual hours.

➡️ To do this : Click on "Completed / To be processed". The edit window will appear in which you can edit the desired information - label, times, breaks or meals, then validate.

2) Validate in one click every other shifts

Once you've edited all the shifts that needed editing, you can validate all the others with one click.

Nothing could be easier! Check the "Validate shifts" right box and then "validate all".

🎉 And all your shifts for the week are validated ! 🎉

Note: If you want to add an absence due to early departure, sick leave... you still need to go to the schedule.

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