What are the different views of the schedule ?

Creating a schedule can be a nightmare ! Thanks to our different views, it's now a piece of cake !

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To help you create your schedules, Combo offers different views that allow you to adapt and edit them as needed.

Most of the features are available regardless of the view, you just need to select a team. Convenient !

The view by employee : your default view 👥

From this view, you have a complete oversight of your schedule for the week :

  1. You can create a new employee straight from the schedule, quick and easy !

  2. You can choose the order in which your employees are displayed ! We go into more details here.

  3. The weekly counters allow you to schedule your teams with confidence

The view by tags : don't forget anything ! 💡

The view by tags allows you with one glance to see if any position is vacant during the week.

Do you require at least one person every day on Floral Bouquet ? With this view, you can directly spot that someone is missing on Tuesday !

The daily view : a detailed view 👀

The daily view allows you a certain finesse for your employee's scheduling on a daily basis.

  1. You can choose to display your workforce by the half-hour or by the hour.

  2. The workforce adjusts according to your planning. Need to adjust an employee's shift ? You can stretch or move your shifts directly !

3. You can scroll to move to the next day !

And you can even print your schedule for the day from Tools > Print schedule

The view by month : a wider view 🏔️

The monthly view enables you to have a global vision of the absences (paid leaves, weekly rest days...) and your employees' work days. You can directly spot if a day has not been filled yet.

You will find the hours each day displayed with a green background. Click on the day, and you will be directed to the employee's view with the details of the shift.

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