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What are the different views of the schedule ?

Creating a schedule can be a nightmare ! Thanks to our different views, it's now a piece of cake !

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Combo provides four distinct views for optimal management of your schedule:

  • View by employee : Access a global view of your schedule. This is your default view.

  • View by tags : Easily identify under-staffed shifts for your lunch and dinner services.

  • View by day : See the number of people planned for each time slot, by hour or half-hour.

  • Monthly view : see at a glance which days your employees are scheduled.

Let's see them in detail!

The view by employee

  • You can create a new employee straight from the schedule, quick and easy ! (1)

  • You can choose the order in which your employees are displayed ! We go into more details here. (2)

  • The weekly counters allow you to schedule your teams with confidence. (3)

Good to know: Identify your underage employees quickly and adapt their schedules accordingly !

The view by tags

Do you require at least one person every day on Floral Bouquet ? With this view, you can directly spot that someone is missing on Tuesday !

The daily view

  • View your workforce in half-hour or hourly intervals (1)

  • Adjust your shifts by extending or dragging them with the mouse to sharpen your planning. (2)

  • Scroll through the day and move on to the next day using your mouse wheel (3).

  • Print your daily schedule from Tools > Print schedule

The view by month

  • Hours worked appear in green. You can access shift details from the employee view by clicking on the box

  • Easily identify your employees' absences thanks to their color codification.

  • Days without shifts or absences are indicated by a white cell, allowing you to spot them at a glance.

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