The different views of the schedule
View by employees, tags, day and monthly view; we explain the advantages of each type of view!
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To help you create your schedule, Combo has four different views that allow you to visualise and edit your schedules online. You can change your view in one click and enjoy your schedules.

Some features are available regardless of the view you select :

  • You have the possibility to manage the options of the schedule and download the schedule, the weekly time sheets or the monthly attendance sheets

  • You can access to your Analysis tool to know more about your payroll and productivity

Note: The printout of the schedule is based on the view by employees except on the daily view where you can select to print out a day.

The view by employees

  • The view by employees is the view displayed by default. You have to possibility to select a team by changing schedule.

  • You also have an option to modify the counters located under your employees’ name. Learn more in this article.

  • You can modify the order in which your employees are displayed.

  • You can create a new employee profile on the schedule. Learn more in this article.

The view by tags

  • The view by tags allows you to check in one glance if each position is correctly used on the schedule and if there are no vacant positions.

  • You can create a new shift or absence quicky.

The daily view

  • The daily view gives you a clear information about the number of employees working per hour.

  • You can pull or move the shift easily to edit your planning.

  • You have the possibility to download the daily timesheets in addititon to the weekly timesheets and monthly attendance sheets.

  • You have the possiblity to print the day view.

The view by month

  • You can have a global vision of the absences (paid leaves, weekly rest days,..) and worked days. You can see directly if a day has not been filled yet and avoid errors on the schedule.

  • For the worked days, the number of worked hours is displayed on the green background color. If you want to the the details of the shift, click on the square box to access the view by employees.

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