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How to use and analyze the HR dashboard ?
How to use and analyze the HR dashboard ?

You want to analyse your company's HR data ? That's what our HR dashboard is for!

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The HR dashboard lets you monitor HR performance and the health of the company over the period of your choice.

The aim? To save you time by automatically collecting your company's key data!

Who can access and use the HR dashboard ?

The HR dashboard is accessible to administrators and directors. Information can be filtered by period, establishment, type of contract and gender.

To access the dashboard, go to the HR tab > HR Dashboard :

Which data is available ?

The dashboard gives you an overview so you can check your workforce, contract types, employee’s age, gender and your absence summary with just one glance.

💡Good to know : If any information appears as "Unknown", you can easily identify the employees concerned by going to the "incomplete folders" tab !

You can also choose a view according to the data you are interested in.

👉 Changes in your workforce :

Turnover is calculated over the period by taking : (Number of arrivals over the period + Number of departures over the period) / The total headcount at the start of the period.

👉 The number of hours worked :

Total hours worked includes all hours worked or scheduled over the period. However, CTO, training or medical visit hours are not taken into account in the calculation !

👉 The number of hours of absence and the absenteism rate :

The absenteism rate is calculated by taking: (Number of hours of absence over the period / Number of theoretical working hours over the period) X 100 Absences taken into account when calculating the rate :

  • Family-related leave for family reasons (sick children or family events);

  • Sick leave and accidents at work and on the way to and from work;

  • Unjustified and justified absences.

How do I export my data ?

Select the data you are interested in (staff, hours worked or absences) and add the filters you want :

  • Click on the three dots to the right of the graph

  • Select "Export data"

  • Choose the format of your choice

And that's it !

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