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The offline use of the Combo time-clock
The offline use of the Combo time-clock

What happens when your tablet is no longer connected to the internet? How can we ensure that the information is correctly reported to Combo?

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The time-clock offline mode

Our time-clock normally needs to be connected to the internet to function.
This enables the clock in and out information to be transmitted to Combo directly.

When your tablet is offline (this means it isn’t connected to the internet), the sign-ins will automatically be registered as ‘pending shifts’.

In offline mode, your teams will still be able to clock in and out, declare their break time. All the actions will appear on Combo with the time and date they were performed.

Good to know : A pending shift can be deleted from the tablet :

  • If the corresponding shift has been deleted on Combo

  • After 12 unsuccessful refreshing attempts

What to do if the tablet has been disconnected from the internet ?

Once the tablet is backup and running on the Internet, you can click on the button Refresh to jump start the transmission on the shift log-ins to Combo.

If you don’t click on the Refresh button, then the system will automatically try to send the information every 30 minutes once the internet connection is back-up.

What happens if we forget to refresh, and we do other actions on the time-clock ?

Every action is processed independently of new actions.

For example, if a break was taken when the time-clock was offline and the rest of the information was synchronized after the end of the shift, the app will still take the break into account in the shift report.

The data doesn’t overwrite the previous information.

The Combo time-clock is a paid add-on which must be enabled for this to work.

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