How to export the Compensatory Time Off balance ?

You can download an export with the complete balance of employees with their acquired compensatory time off, we will explain how to do so !

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Downloading the CTO export

If you have an owner, admin, director access (or manager if you have been given the access to the payroll report), you will be able to download an export to date with your employees’ current CTO balance from the Reports tab. We'll show you how to do this here :

  • Click on "Exports"

  • Select "Export the CTO counters"

Good to know :

  • The export will be downloaded in Excel format and will be a single sheet

  • The hours will be indicated in decimal hours

  • The export provides the current balance indicated in the employees' profile on the day of its download

  • The export will include the CTO balance of all your establishments, and arranged by location

  • Only full-time employees will appear in this export

How is the export presented ?

The export contains the following columns :

  • The employee’s IDs (to be filled in the beige banner with all the employees' personal information)

  • The employee’s first and last name

  • The employee’s default establishment

  • The employee’s CTO balance in decimal hours

And if you want to learn more about the CTOs, we explain everything in this article.

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