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How to manage extra contracts ?

Want to know more about managing your extras on Combo? We'll explain here how to do it!

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By definition, the extra contract (also called "contrat d'usage" in French) is a special contract that allows you to hire an employee for a specific and temporary task (a few hours to several days). This contract can only be used for specific and immediate needs, for a specific position.

Like all employees of the company, the extra must be listed in the staff register.

What are the features of an extra contract on Combo ?

  • The extra contract is included in the calculation of your total payroll.

  • Overtime beyond 35 hours is taken into account and compensated.

  • It's possible to receive meal vouchers and bonuses.

  • In the payroll report, no additional time, no normal hours, no missing hours, no entry/exit calculation (in case of arrival or departure during the payroll period).

  • The extra contract will be for a minimum of one day on Combo. If your extra is working for several locations within the same day, make them scheduled for the different locations. You will be able to find the details of the hours worked per location on the attendance sheet of your employee !

How is my extra displayed on the schedule and in my report ?

👉 On the schedule

If the employee is there several times, it means that he has several contracts this week. Each line represents a contract to differentiate the number of hours worked or the remuneration, for example.

Here's an example: Matthew has an extra contract for the 12th February for 9 hours, which will be paid at the hourly minimum wage. Then another contract from 14th until the 16th February for 21 hours paid a little above the hourly minimum wage.

👉 In the payroll report

Weather it is in the payroll report visualization or in the spreadsheet export, each contract is also on a separate line.

Matthew's extra contract of 9h for the 12th February and the extra contract of 21h, from 14th until the 16th February.

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