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What is the staff register ? How can I manage it on Combo?
What is the staff register ? How can I manage it on Combo?

You have the possibility to keep your staff register on Combo, we’ll explain you everything about it in this article.

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The rules relating to the single personnel register are provided in articles L. 1221-13 to L. 1221-15-1 of the French Labor Code.

The purpose of the staff register is to record the number of employees in a company and to ensure the transparency of all jobs within the location. The obligation to maintain a staff register is therefore mandatory for all companies, regardless of their workforce, with the exception of private employers or specific associations. In order for the register to be compliant, it must display certain guarantees and contain certain mandatory information. The information contained in the register must be kept for at least 5 years after the departure of the employee or trainee.

The law does not impose any particular type for this document. If traditionally, the paper version was widely used, with new technologies, the digital version of the single personnel register has become more and more important. Nevertheless this digital version must be able to allow the same control as a usual "paper" register.

Thus, just like the "paper" version, the digital version must allow for the listing of all employees, registered in chronological order of arrival and in an indelible manner. In addition, a register must be established per location.

On Combo this is the case: as soon as an employee profile is created, it’s automatically integrated into the register of the relevant location and filed in chronological order of arrival. The inclusion in the register is irrevocable, unless the account administrator takes voluntary/positive action. We explain it to you here 👈

On the substance, the single personnel register must contain mentions, mandatory information relating to:

  • To employees: surname, first name, date of birth, nationality, social security number, gender, etc.

  • To contract types: job, qualification...

  • To careers: date of entry and exit within the company, changes during the contract...

On Combo when you create your employee's profile, all this information is automatically centralized and integrated into the single personnel register, without any special action on your part. The more the employee's profile is completed, the more of this information will be added to your registry.

So we strongly advise you to fill in as many fields as possible when creating your employees' profiles.

The same is true for post-hire events affecting the employment contract: the register offered by Combo automatically updates, again, without any specific action on your part.

On Combo, we allow our customers to download and print their single personnel employee. This way you can, if you wish, keep a paper version for as long as you need.

Note: In case of an inspection, the staff register must be available for presentation. The digital version of Combo is authentic without the need to print it. If the register is missing or contains errors and/or incomplete information, you are liable to a 4th class fine, which will be payable per employee concerned.

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