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How to add a punctual unavailability on the schedule?
How to add a punctual unavailability on the schedule?
You want to put a specific unavailability on the schedule for one of your employees? We explain you how to do it here !
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The punctual unavailability allows you to quickly visualize on the schedule if an employee is unavailable to work on a specific day, to help you adjust your schedule.

This absence is not shown in the planning counter or in the payroll report.

How can I add a punctal unavailibity on the schedule as a manager ?

Go on the schedule :

  • Click on the day of your choice

  • Select “New absence” and the type “Punctual unavailability”

  • Add the day.s of your choice

  • You can fill in a note about the unavailability of the employee if necessary

  • Click on create

How can I make a request for a punctual unavailability as an employee ?

Go on your profile :

  • In the “Time off” section, click on the “Leave request” button

  • Select “Punctual unavailability”

  • Add the date of the absence and a message for your manager

  • Confirm the request

The request will be accepted or not by a manager, director or owner 🎉

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