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Creating my team, a piece of cake !

You’re all set and ready to create your team ? That’s convenient, so are we ! Let’s go ! 🚀

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Creating your new employees’ profile

Head to the Team tab :

  • Click on “Add an employee” in the top right corner

  • Fill in their first and last name and mail

💡You can already fill in additional information such as the phone number, contract type, start date, weekly worked hours, as well as the location and team.

Fill in your employee's personal information

Head to your employee's profile > Preview tab :

  • Click on "Edit information"

  • Fill in the information required for your staff register, such as gender, date of birth, nationality… You can also complete this information for the pre-employment declaration (DPAE, for declaration of employees in France) if you wish to do it via Combo !

Good to know : The information filled in the beige banner when creating a profile will then be used in the Civil Status tab of the contract ! Convenient, right ?

Completing your employee's contract information

Head to your employee's profile > Contracts tab :

  • Fill in the information in the Contract and Pay tabs, weekly working time, number of days worked each week, employees’ wages...

Good to know :

  • If the contract hasn't started yet, head to the "All contracts and amendments" section to edit it

  • The weekly working time allows you to highlight missing, additional, overtime, normal employee hours... in short, the pay variables that will make the difference at the end of the month !

  • Enter the dates of the end of the probationary period and of the last medical check-up to receive reminder emails

  • By providing your employees’ wages, you will be able to track payroll ratios in the schedule analysis.

  • In the Pay section of the contract, you can activate the "minimum wage employee" option. The salary will then be updated automatically according to the evolution of the French minimum wage. Automatic and simple ✌️

Invite your employees to activate their account

What's the point of inviting your employees ? Well... there are a few !

  • It allows them to access to their schedules and those of their colleagues (if you wish !)

  • Manage absence requests (paid leave, family events)

  • The ability to communicate easily with colleagues via the messaging system

Not bad, right ? 💡And it's all just one click away, yes, just one !

Head to your employee's profile > Preview tab :

💡The invite link is available for 48 hours. You can click on “Resend” as need be !

Two down ! Now that you are a pro at setting up your account and your team, shall we move on to the schedule ?

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