Add a bonus from an employee's profile
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Remember: The different types of bonuses are to be created in the "Settings > Locations and Schedules" section.

When you go to the "Team" tab and then to an employee's profile you will find a "Bonuses and other variable elements" section.

This is where you will find the history of the bonuses and can also add a bonus or an installment.

We display all bonuses, you can scroll to see them all.

Adding a bonus is done the same way as in the report:

  • Select the type of bonus from the drop-down list

  • Indicate the amount

  • Choose the date the bonus is to be applied

  • Register

The bonus is then recorded on the selected date and carries over to the report for that period.

From this section, when a bonus has been created and you hover your mouse over it, you can:

  • Edit it by clicking on the pencil

  • Delete it by clicking on the trash can

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