How to use the staff register

You can download your staff register directly from Combo. How practical !

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The staff register is mandatory. It contains the list of all employees who have been or are present in the location and their contractual information. The employees’ information must be kept for the duration of their contracts and up to 5 years after they leave.

How do I download and/or print the staff register?

The staff register can be downloaded and printed by location:

  • Go to the Team tab

  • Click on the button "Staff register" on the right of your screen.

  • Choose your location by using the drop down menu on the left

  • Click on "Print/Download PDF”

💡 Good to know :

The electronic version can be presented directly in case of an inspection, but you can print it out for the inspector who will probably want to take a printed version with them.

And if you don’t want your information to be displayed on the register, you can check this article 👈

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