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What is the staff register and how can I manage it on Combo ?
What is the staff register and how can I manage it on Combo ?
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What is the staff register ?

The staff register, is an official document that enables you to record the number of employees in your establishment and ensure full transparency of the jobs within it.

The rules relating to the single personnel register are provided in articles L. 1221-13 to L. 1221-15-1 of the French Labor Code.

On Combo, the staff register is easily accessible from the Team tab !

This register contains compulsory information about your employees and trainees. You will find on Combo :

  • Personal information : surname, first name, gender, nationality, date of birth, etc.

  • Contractual information : type of contract, job, qualification, authorisation to hire, etc.

  • Contract changes : date of joining and leaving the company, career development, amendments, etc.

Good to know :

  • On Combo, the information entered in your employees' profiles and contracts is automatically integrated and centralised in the staff register. This saves a lot of time !

  • Each employee's details must be kept for 5 years after leaving the company.

Do I have to print my staff register ?

The law doesn't impose any particular format !

Whether you're a paper or digital team, as long as your staff register lists all employees by establishment, in chronological order of arrival and indelibly, you're good to go!

If you prefer paper, download the staff register from Combo and print it out ! Otherwise, you can keep it as it is.

What are the penalties in case of an infringement ?

If your establishment is controlled by the Labour Inspectorate, you may be asked to provide your staff register.

You are not obliged to print it out, but we can explain how to do so here.

Whether your staff register is missing or incorrect or incomplete the penalty is the same : a 750€ fine for each employee concerned.

You need to keep a staff register for each location !

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