How to create a profile for your employees?
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Creating your employees in Combo is very easy! It can be done from :

  • The Team tab

  • The Schedule tab

Good to know :

  • Managers can only view employee profiles if they are allowed to do so.

  • Directors and managers can't see the profiles of people with a status similar to or higher than their own.

From the Team tab, click on "Add employee" in the top right-hand corner :

From the schedule, click on the "Add employee" icon at the top left :

The profile creation page opens :

  • Fill in at least the first and last name of your employee.

  • Add your employee's email address, phone number, contract type, contract start date and time, weekly working time, and location.

  • Save your entry.

Good to know :

  • By default, the contract start date is the day the profile is created.

  • To send the schedule by text message to your employees, the addition of their cell phone number is necessary.

Once the profile is created, you can then complete the contract information and invite your employee to activate their account. Follow the steps in this article 👈

In the employee's profile, you have the possibility to consult or edit the information related to the employee's contract, availability, vacations... Each employee has its own profile. You can find the list of profiles for each of your employees in the Team tab.

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