How to create a profile for your employees?
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Creating your employees on Combo is easy-peasy ! And will be done in 5 minutes. Here’s how !

You can choose to do it either from the Team’s tab or the Schedule’s tab.

Good to know : Managers can only create a profile if they have access to the employee’s information.

From the Team tab, click on "Add employee" in the top right-hand corner :

From the schedule, click on the "Add employee" icon at the top left :

The profile creation page opens :

  • Fill in at least the first and last name of your employee.

  • Add your employee's email address, phone number, contract type, contract start date and time, weekly working time, and location.

  • Save !

Good to know :

  • By default, the contract start date is the day the profile is created.

  • To send the schedule to your employees by text message, adding their cell phone number is required.

Once the profile is created, you can :

👉 Fill-in the additional contract information

👉 Invite your employees to activate their account

👉 Start scheduling their shifts !

There you go ! See, we told you it was easy ! 😉

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