Assigning/Editing a default location to an employee

You want to change the default location of your employee ? No worries, we explain it all in this guide !

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If you have created multiple locations in your account, then you'll have the option to choose the default location when creating an employee. This way, the employee will automatically be scheduled at this location and their employment contract will be attached to it by default:

How do I change the default location for my employee?

Directly in your employee’s profile, in the contract part :

  • Click on "Fill-in" in their current contract.

  • Modify the "Default location" section

  • If you have several teams in your location, choose the team to which your employee must be attached to.

  • Save.

💡 Good to know :

  • Your employees, will only have access to their team if you allow them to see the schedules in the settings.

  • If you want your employee to access all of the schedules within the location, you will have to give them access to all the desired teams.

If you want to make an employee schedulable across multiple locations or teams, we reveal that here ! 👈

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